Synonyms that can be used to avoid business buzzwords

Provide synonyms that can be used instead of these business buzzwords

  • Innovation
  • Deep dive
  • Paradigm shift
  • Empower
  • Best practice

This past March, business social media platform LinkedIn released a list of the most-used buzzwords by people using the platform in the United States. The list included words such as “experienced”, “motivated” and “skilled” – words used by millions of the platform’s users, including some of the largest companies.

So, with a list of over-used words, is it time to reflect on your company’s lingo? Chrissie Mahler, the founder of the Plain English Campaign, seems to think so. “[Management speak] does two things – it isolates newcomers who feel they have to learn the lingo when they should feel at home, and it gets in the way of business and finds its way onto forms, leaflets and official documents,” she says.

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